“Phil Talks About “The Runs”

Today’s songs Are, Soft Spot and Love by Matthew Ward

In this weeks episode, Chris brings a couple of songs from none other than the legendary Matthew Ward (in some circles).

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I Can't Get Enough by Cazzi Opeia

“Chris Can’t Get Enough of This Weeks Song”

Today’s song is, I Can’t Get Enough by Cazzi Opeia

In this weeks episode, Chris brings a song that nobody will get enough of after listening to it! This song is released as a single from Cazzi Opeia called, I can’t get enough. Moa Anna Marla Carlebecker, better known by her stage name, Cazzi Opeia, is a Swedish artist, songwriter and vocal producer. And as she proclaims, “I also write K-pop, like a lot…”


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Colin James Album Cover

“Phil Launches a Hidden Gem Without Leaving Earth”

Today’s song is “Rocket to the Moon” by Colin James

Phil must be in a swingin’ mood these days because in this episode he’s bringing yet another swing song, this time from Canadian blues rock singer/songwriter, Colin James. James has been very successful in his native country, having attained seven Gold-certified albums in Canada during his career, including four Platinum albums and two Double Platinum albums. This is the second song from a Canadian artist Phil has brought to the table. Click HERE to listen to the other episode.

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Today’s song is “Dangerous Game” by Blu DeTiger from the brand new album, All I Ever Want is Everything

Chris Cochran shares an unexpected gem from underground artist Blu Detiger – the risky track “Dangerous Game” off her ambitious album All I ever want is everything.

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The Song You Need to 'Come Back To

“The Song You Need to ‘Come Back To’ and a Celebratory Shout Out”

Today’s song is “Come Back to Me” by The Cherry Poppins Daddies from the album, Zoot Suit Riot

In this episode, Phil introduces us to the forgotten ’90s rock tune ‘Come Back to Me’ by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. We’ll also celebrate one of our loyal listeners, wishing them a happy birthday. Tune in to rediscover this gem and help us send birthday wishes to a special fan of the show.

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“Phil Wants Chris to “Slide a little David in”…Whatever That Means'”

Today’s song is “This Beautiful Mystery” by Terry Scott Taylor

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“When Phil Pulls Up But Can’t Pull Out”

Today’s song is “Guilty” from The Blues Brothers

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[Find a time machine and go back to the late 70’s. There is nothing on the internet about a fake (but kind of real) band from the 70’s.]



Phil Forgets The Premise of His Own Podcast

For real. Phil ACTUALLY thought no one had ever heard a super group comprised of 5 of the biggest stars on the planet.

Oh and the song he chose today, actually made it to the Billboard top 100 songs!

Yeah, no one has EVER heard the song “The End of the Line” by The Traveling Willburys

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The Official Website of one of the biggest Super Groups of All TIme, The Traveling Wilburys

A Song About Chris, and NOT Phil

“Asshole” from Ben Limpic on the Original Soundtrack for the Motion Picture, Rudderless

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The Greatest Song You've Never Heard

BAM! Phil Brings Some New Jazz to The Table

“The World Still Turns Around” from the Daniel Glass Trio album, BAM! 

“Bolivia” from the Daniel Glass Trio album, BAM!

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Phil Finally Experiences the Strong Hand of What?

“Strong Hand of Love” by Mark Heard

“Nod Over Coffee” by Pierce Pettis

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Phil Reveals His “Blue Steel”

“I Started a Joke” by The Wallflowers

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“I Started a Joke” by The BeeGees

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