“Phil Wants Chris to “Slide a little David in”…Whatever That Means'”

Today’s song is “This Beautiful Mystery” by Terry Scott Taylor

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“When Phil Pulls Up But Can’t Pull Out”

Today’s song is “Guilty” from The Blues Brothers

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[Find a time machine and go back to the late 70’s. There is nothing on the internet about a fake (but kind of real) band from the 70’s.]



Phil Forgets The Premise of His Own Podcast

For real. Phil ACTUALLY thought no one had ever heard a super group comprised of 5 of the biggest stars on the planet.

Oh and the song he chose today, actually made it to the Billboard top 100 songs!

Yeah, no one has EVER heard the song “The End of the Line” by The Traveling Willburys

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The Official Website of one of the biggest Super Groups of All TIme, The Traveling Wilburys

A Song About Chris, and NOT Phil

“Asshole” from Ben Limpic on the Original Soundtrack for the Motion Picture, Rudderless

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The Greatest Song You've Never Heard

BAM! Phil Brings Some New Jazz to The Table

“The World Still Turns Around” from the Daniel Glass Trio album, BAM! 

“Bolivia” from the Daniel Glass Trio album, BAM!

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Phil Finally Experiences the Strong Hand of What?

“Strong Hand of Love” by Mark Heard

“Nod Over Coffee” by Pierce Pettis

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Phil Reveals His “Blue Steel”

“I Started a Joke” by The Wallflowers

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“I Started a Joke” by The BeeGees

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Is That Phil Time-Stamping Himself, or is He Just Happy to See Me?

“Zanzibar” by Billy Joel

“Stiletto” by Billy Joel

“Where is the Orchestra?” By Billy Joel

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Hold the Phone…Phil Was an Aerobics Instructor? I Want Pictures!

“Veronica” By Elvis Costello from the Album “Spike”

“My Brave Face” by Paul McCartney

“The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)” by Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello from the album Flowers in the Dirt (Archive Collection) [2017 Remaster]

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Phil Scores a Two-Fer

“Kiss of Venus” By Paul McCartney ft. Dominic Fike 

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Official Paul McCartney: Tours, Music, Media & Community

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        Dominic Fikehttps://dominicfike.com

Bath Time for Phil?

“Bathtime in Clerkenweld” By The Real Tuesday Weld

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To watch the video mentioned in this episode, click here: https://youtu.be/ETyOwymflXc