Phil Forgets The Premise of His Own Podcast

For real. Phil ACTUALLY thought no one had ever heard a super group comprised of 5 of the biggest stars on the planet.

Oh and the song he chose today, actually made it to the Billboard top 100 songs!

Yeah, no one has EVER heard the song “The End of the Line” by The Traveling Willburys

For more information on The Traveling Wilburys, please visit:

The Official Website of one of the biggest Super Groups of All TIme, The Traveling Wilburys

1 thought on “Phil Forgets The Premise of His Own Podcast

  1. Well of course I knew this song, but I still enjoyed the show because it IS one of my favourite songs of all time (I think I prefer Handle With Care slightly more though). When I get into my car there’s approximately a 10% chance that my local radio station is playing this song Рit seems to be one of the favourites on their roster!

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