Phil’s High Volume Song…This is Not an Age Joke

Today’s song is “Soulshine” from Government Mule

For more information on Government Mule, please visit:

1 thought on “Phil’s High Volume Song…This is Not an Age Joke

  1. Great track Phil! I actually DO already know this song. I’ve heard it a handful of times but I’m not actually sure WHERE – I’m pretty certain it’s the Allman Brothers Band version that I’m familiar with. However this Government Mule version is awesome and I’ve never heard it before so well done 👏 I’ve always been a big Black Crowes fan and this gave me that kind of vibe. Excellent voices, excellent musicianship and those guitar solos were very tasty!
    I don’t really have a road trip song because we’re either listening to what the kids want to hear or if I get my own way I’m catching up on podcasts!

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