The Greatest Song You've Never Heard

BAM! Phil Brings Some New Jazz to The Table

“The World Still Turns Around” from the Daniel Glass Trio album, BAM! 

“Bolivia” from the Daniel Glass Trio album, BAM!

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2 thoughts on “BAM! Phil Brings Some New Jazz to The Table

  1. Nice to hear a mention of Nik Kershaw on this episode – I’m a huge fan of The Riddle album. I often bring his name up in conversation when talking about fame because he’s actually got the exact level of fame (in the UK) that I would love to have – just famous enough to be known but not so famous that it impacts on having a “normal” life. His level fame has allowed him to do exactly what he wants and he still has a career today releasing albums and performing regularly. (Going to listen to the rest of the episode now!)

  2. And I liked it! I was driving while listening and kept getting a kind of Cat Stevens/Donovan/Gilbert O’Sullivan vibe. But when I parked up it didn’t sound like that at all, more jazzy – weird! I thought the guitar solo was great, probably my favourite part of it. Apart from the whistle solo of course! (I’m also a constant whistler – I’d sing more but whistling means I can rest my voice. The world needs more whistlers – even the postman doesn’t whistle anymore!) Good choice Phil!

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