Sitting in Phil’s Dschungel

“Where Are We Now?” by David Bowie

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1 thought on “Sitting in Phil’s Dschungel

  1. This was the first song choice that was a “fail” – in a way. It IS one of the greatest songs, but I DID already know it! Of course, I also already knew the Prince song, and the Candy Butchers song – but I would consider myself a “superfan” of both. With David Bowie, I am a huge fan but I don’t know all his material. In fact I only own “Hunky Dory” and “Earthling” and much of his other material I only know bits and pieces of. This song though I almost instantly recognised, maybe because I’m in the UK where it did slightly better. Interestingly, it was once the vocal started that I remembered it and up to that point of the song, like Phil, I also thought it sounded like a McCartney intro! Great show again guys!

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